Control Surfaces

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Control Surfaces

Beegles Aircraft Service LLC takes great pride in our ability to repair control surfaces.  Surfaces are inspected, repaired and corrosion proofed. Once completed they are reinspected for condition and conformity.

When you receive a repaired control surface from us it will be accompanied with Beegles Aircraft Service work order paperwork and the FAA Form 8130-3.

We have jigs to maintain proper twist and washout of surfaces.

We have made it a priority to increase our control surface inventory to save you time by having surfaces on hand when you need them.  If we don’t have one on-hand, we are probably capable of rebuilding yours.

We also offer painting services and do stock unpainted and pre-painted surfaces.  If you purchase a pre-painted surface or have us paint one, we will balance the surface as well.

Additionally, we have rebuilt gear in stock. 

All our surfaces and gear are listed on Parts Base.